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Vitaminic cleanser / 200 ml

63,80 €

In a nutshell, it is a cleansing milk with Vitamin C spheres. So, it cleanses. But in reality, it does extraordinary things, thanks to active ingredients that are normally contained in purifying and anti-aging treatments. Here are some of them: it captures hydrophilic and lipophilic impurities in one step and it does so while respecting the skin's microbiome due to the amino acids obtained from Beer Yeast. It cleanses without using surfactants so it's very gentle and perfectly skin-friendly. It captures free radicals and pollution residues, protecting the skin from external agents thanks to the antioxidant complex containing Vitamin E and Vitamin C. To top it off, it also stimulates new collagen formation.

You can’t do without if...

You have normal skin that lacks radiance. Its creamy texture is delicate and comfortable. Apply it in the morning and evening onto lightly moistened face and neck.
Suggested by Alessandro

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Prodotto fantastico
Rhea Fan
Ottimo detergente rende la pelle luminosa giorno dopo giorno, io lo uso ormai da anni e non lo sostituisco mai
Anna Maria Stillo
Straordinario sono felicissima
Simonetta Brunetti
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Beer yeast derivative that reinforces the skin's natural ability to protect itself from harmful environmental influences. Revitalizes and firms the skin.

Peptide 10

Decapeptide that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elasting on dermal level. Restores optimal levels of skin firmness and elasticity.


Vitamin E that prevents oxidation reactions and acts as a biological antioxidant. Performs a protective effect against free radicals.

Vitamin C Microspheres

Encapsulated water soluble Vitamin C with brightening and antioxidant properties. They stimulate collagen to restore tone and elasticity to the tissues.

Saffron Stigma

Extract rich in Vitamin A, B1 and B2, Vitamin C, proteins and minerals, lycopene and carotenoids. It efficiently treats hyperpigmentations and brightens dull skin.

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