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The layerin sun treatments,
a stratification of actives to
prepare or repair
the skin from the sun.

Prepare your skin for the sun and put it back in shape after sun exposure. Discover the face and body treatments that, through the Layerin method, will provide you with a bright and long lasting tan.
DermoLayerin® Sun Regenerating facial rituals that layer after layer, saturate the skin with actives, chosen based on your needs to strengthen your skin before and after sun exposure.
DermoLayerin® Sun Energizing treatment pre/post sun Provides new energy to the skin, stimulates the generation of new cells and awakens the skin's metabolism for a smoothness and radiance. Provides or maintains a natural and uniform tan, just like after sun exposure. Oxygenating treatment pre/post sun Contrasts the signs of aging and free radicals while moisturizing the skin deeply. Helps the skin regain its youthfulness and radiance. Brightens the complexion and provides or maintains a natural and uniform tan. Restoring treatment pre/post sun Restores the correct moisturization and nourishment to the skin, providing firnmness and wellness. Provides or maintains a bright and natural tan. Duration 60 minutes for sun kissed skin.
MorphoLayerin® Sun Biorestructuring body treatments that merge wellness and efficacy to accompany your body towards its optimal shape. Layer after layer, the treatment is customized based on your needs.
MorphoLayerin® Sun Energizing treatment - pre-post sun Provides an immediate light sensation thanks to its stimulating action that awakens the skin's metabolism, draining toxins. Provides or maintains an amber and uniform tan. Lipodetox treatment - pre-post sun Helps remodel the body shapes for a more toned and compact skin. Activates a deep fat disposal and deeply detoxifies the skin. The skin takes on a bronze and uniform hue. Destressing treatment - pre-post sun Provides deep relaxation, nourishing while remineralizing the skin that is immediately soothed and moisturized. Increases the skin's natural defences and provides or maintains a golden and bright hue. Duration 70 minutes for a body reborn in the sunlight.