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Rhea Cosmetics
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Exfoliating lotion


63,50 €

Exfoliating lotion / 200 ml

Glycolic acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid and Tartaric Acid. Does this formula seem too strong? Not at all! The exfoliating...

B-Color I

Light shade


45,00 €

Light shade / 10 ml

If you have fair skin, then this is the serum-pigment for you. The more you add to your face cream, the more you increase...

B-Dose I



53,50 €

Moisturizing / 10 ml

Now it's clear: if you want to keep your skin young as long as possible, you need to moisturize it as much as you can. But...

B-Dose V

Skin radiance


53,50 €

Skin radiance / 10 ml

Bioluminescence is that enchanting light from fireflies or certain bright flowers such as Mullein. And Mullein is the basis...

B-Dose VI



58,00 €

Renewing / 10 ml

You don't notice them because they are microscopic but the mitochondria breathe and this has a very strong impact on the...


Vegetable Charcoal cleanser


49,50 €

Vegetable Charcoal cleanser / 200 ml

More than a cleanser: a black knight that fights against impurities, toxins and smog particles that settle on your skin....


Renewing face treatment / Box set with 5 ExfoPads, 1 FacePeel 15 ml, 1 NewSkin 15 ml


92,00 €

Renewing face treatment / Box set with 5 ExfoPads, 1 FacePeel 15 ml, 1 NewSkin 15 ml /

Changes are always good for the mind, the spirit.…and this one is especially good for your face, so much to renew it! We’re...


Exfoliating overnight face treatment


40,50 €

Exfoliating overnight face treatment / 50 ml

He stays up until the wee hours of the morning to give you his best! ExfoNight gently exfoliates skin, favoring cellular...


Anti-dark circle cream


53,50 €

Anti-dark circle cream / 15 ml

Dark circles. Those two dark crescents under your eyes are enough to ruin everything. But not if you have this cream which...


Exfoliating cream


84,50 €

Exfoliating cream / 50 ml

The transformation takes place at night while you're asleep. Because this dense and velvety cream based on Glycolic Acid...

Magicover dark

Anti-age skin shade perfector


39,50 €

Anti-age skin shade perfector / 30 ml

Two key words: soft focus. It's that same thing that happens when in photos the image is slightly out of focus and for your...


Radiant fluid


84,50 €

Radiant fluid / 50 ml

If you think oxygen isn't important, hold your breath for three minutes. Your skin is just like you: it needs to oxygenate...

Radiant [mi]

Illuminating [mi]crobiome face cream


45,00 €

Illuminating [mi]crobiome face cream / 50 ml

Have you ever felt the little tingling sensation on your skin when you are in the sun? It is the energy that gets under...


Face and eye micellar makeup remover


41,50 €

Face and eye micellar makeup remover / 200 ml

A warrior, gentle on the skin but tireless against impurities. A micellar makeup remover with brightening-effect powder that...