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Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics
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Rhea Cosmetics




Moisturizing biphasic lotion


56,25 € 62,50 €

Moisturizing biphasic lotion / 150 ml

It does everything a super moisturizing cream would do, with the difference that it is instantly absorbed and the spray format...


Moisturizing Body Mousse


43,20 € 48,00 €

Moisturizing Body Mousse / 200 ml

Skin with a velvety feel is the goal of this fluffy mousse. How that happens is a secret that we are happy to give away:...


Nourishing exfoliating gel


40,50 € 45,00 €

Nourishing exfoliating gel / 200 ml

This hydrogel is special for two reasons. The first is that it performs a very gentle exfoliation with the acid component...

Hydra [mi]

Replenishing cream [microbiome]


41,40 € 46,00 €

Replenishing cream [microbiome] / 200 ml

Life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The piña and the colada. Bottom line, balance is important....

MorphoShapes 1

Redensifying neck and décolleté serum


49,05 € 54,50 €

Redensifying neck and décolleté serum / 50 ml

A high-impact treatment for neck and décolletage needs special active ingredients and teamwork. In this intensive serum,...

MorphoShapes 2

Revitalizing bust serum


49,05 € 54,50 €

Revitalizing bust serum / 50 ml

Are you dreaming about volumizing and firming your breasts? Well, the breast has no muscles, so if you want to redesign it,...


Overnight nourishing balm


67,05 € 74,50 €

Overnight nourishing balm / 200 ml

You fall asleep in the evening with dry skin and wake up in the morning to silky skin. What happened overnight? Our super-nourishing...


Cleansing clay


32,40 € 36,00 €

Cleansing clay / 200 ml

It will seem strange to use it for washing, because it looks like clay. But, once applied, the red and gray clays spring...


Cleansing clay mousse


31,50 € 35,00 €

Cleansing clay mousse / 200 ml

If you have already used clay treatments, you know how powerful its purifying and smoothing action is. But you also know...

SOS Feet

Feet balm


25,65 € 28,50 €

Feet balm / 75 ml

The most neglected part of your body. Your feet. But if you ignore them, it could lead to disastrous situations. Take care...

SOS Hands

Rejuvanating hand balm


28,80 € 32,00 €

Rejuvanating hand balm / 75 ml

Finally, a cosmetic that takes your hands' point of view into consideration. We have observed them, interviewed them, and...

SOS Skin

Repair balm


57,60 € 64,00 €

Repair balm / 150 ml

You must know that this balm is a cosmeceutical: i.e., it is a cosmetic that functions like a pharmaceutical to work on skin...