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Rhea Cosmetics Rhea Cosmetics
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Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics

We defied
the laws of chemistry.
We created
a chimera.

A temporary emulsion with a concentration of active ingredients so high that it would break any other cream.

We broke the capacity limits of the emulsion, now you can do it too. You simply need to mix your Rhea cream with the B-Dose booster to obtain a super cream. But use it quickly: it’s temporary.
The amount of active ingredients a cream can contain is unalterable: it cannot exceed a certain limit. Adding more would cause the breakage of the emulsion.
POORLY FUNCTIONAL EMULSION Poor content of active ingredients.
AVERGAELY FUNCTIONAL EMULSION Average content of active ingredients.
HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL EMULSION RHEA cream: very high content of active ingredients.
EXTREMELY FUNCTIONAL EMULSION Rhea cream + B-Dose temporary emulsion: it’s blended right before use, specifically for your skin, and it’s the only way to obtain a product with such a high quantity of active ingredients.

Peptide Cosmetic.
All on the same skin.

Imagine a cosmetic with an aroma that stimulates your organism to produce endorphins, providing relaxation and improving your skin. Our cosmetics have it. It’s called Neurocosmetic. Imagine another one that adapts to the circadian rhythms of your skin, helping it regenerate during the sleep-waking cycle. Our cosmetics have it. It’s called Chronocosmetic. Now, our products are full of words, such as Cosmeceutical (formulas that contain Pharmacopoeia actives), Cosmetogenomic (formulas that stimulate DNA protection mechanisms), Phytoceutical (powerful plant origin actives), Peptide Cosmetic (formulas with biomimetic peptides). Explaining them is complicated, but your skin understands them, no words needed.

A choice full
of quality.

We formulate each of our products in our laboratory and create them with advanced production processes that combine high-technology and craftsmanship. Unlike large cosmetic industries, our method involves creating small batches, which allows us to pay attention to the smallest details in an area and a production process supported by “clean room” technology as if it were pharmaceutical. All the raw materials are selected and sourced from the most reliable and certified suppliers, all production and packaging processes are in accordance with GMP standards. Each formulation is Dermatologically tested and adheres to the strict Vegan Quality regulations: with Rhea, you can be sure of this certification which guarantees the total absence of animal-based derivatives and ingredients. Our way of doing things also takes the environmental energy issue seriously: we have a photovoltaic panel system that covers all the energy needs in the production department and a closed circuit system for the recycling of production waters.


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