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The Rheary is the collection of all active ingredients present in Rhea products. A kind of formulary which contains all of our special skincare molecules. Our ingredients, that come from all parts of the globe, are carefully selected based on their regenerating properties for the skin. When possible, we select actives from local suppliers in order to reduce our carbon footprint and to incentivate partnerships with regional universities and agricultural activities. Rhea Cosmetics' goal is to constantly search for ethically sourced cosmetic ingredients, respecting our environment and human beings alike.
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Apple Extract Phytoceutical
Neutralizes and eliminates free radicals and performs an antioxidant action. It has antinflammatory and soothing properties, while the presence of Malic Acid stimulates cellular renewal.
Act synergically to repair damage caused by aging for skin that’s toned and replumped.
Matrixyl Peptide cosmetic
An anti-aging Peptide which stimulates fibroblasts to reconstruct the extracellular matrix and fight wrinkles.
Menthol Phytoceutical
Derived from Mint leaves, it performs a refreshing and decongesting action. Soothes heaviness, congestion and swelling.
CloudDrain   SOS Feet  
Murumuru Butter Phytoceutical
Moisturizing, emollient and protective butter; it's a true concentrate of Vitamin A, antioxidant, and Vitamin F, with sebum regulating and moisturizing abilities.
EyeCalm   EyeDrain   EyeRevi   LeniCream   ReViAge  
Sweet Almond Oil Phytoceutical
Oil used for its nourishing and emollient properties, especially to preserve skin elasticity. Particularly rich in fatty acids, Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid.
CloudDrain   CloudNutri   CloudTone   OilClean   Sense Body   Sense Clean   Sense Mask   Sense Oil   SoftyClay  


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