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The Rheary is the collection of all active ingredients present in Rhea products. A kind of formulary which contains all of our special skincare molecules. Our ingredients, that come from all parts of the globe, are carefully selected based on their regenerating properties for the skin. When possible, we select actives from local suppliers in order to reduce our carbon footprint and to incentivate partnerships with regional universities and agricultural activities. Rhea Cosmetics' goal is to constantly search for ethically sourced cosmetic ingredients, respecting our environment and human beings alike.
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Bio-Placental EGFs Cosmeceutical
Epidermal growth factors (proteins) extracted from vegetal bio-placenta. They stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and cell growth processes, for an anti-wrinkle, firming and regenerating action.
B‑Dose I   B‑Dose III   B‑Dose IV   B‑Dose IX   B‑Dose VI   B‑Dose VIII   E‑Balm   HydroEm   LeniCream   LumiBlanc   MorphoShapes 3   OilFree   ReViAge   TensoFirm  
California Poppy Extract Phytoceutical
Flower rich in glaucine, capable of stimulating lymphatic drainage and lipolysis. It increases fat destocking and limits the appearance of new adipocytes.
MorphoShapes 4  
EyeComplex 10 Cosmeceutical
Complex capable of draining excess liquids and reducing capillary permeability. Increases skin elasticity of the eye contour area.
Horsetail Extract Phytoceutical
Rich in antioxidant substances, silicon and molecules with astringent properties, it promotes skin tone and elasticity. It has a draining and detoxifying action.
YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Ivy Extract Phytoceutical
Phytoceutical extract with exceptional draining properties, capable of contrasting cellulite imperfections. Reduces and prevents the appearance of subcutaneous fat, promoting the drainage of liquids.
No Transfer Excipients Cosmeceutical
Guarantee long lasting wear and no-transfer of pigments on garments.
B‑Color I   B‑Color II   B‑Color III  


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