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The Rheary is the collection of all active ingredients present in Rhea products. A kind of formulary which contains all of our special skincare molecules. Our ingredients, that come from all parts of the globe, are carefully selected based on their regenerating properties for the skin. When possible, we select actives from local suppliers in order to reduce our carbon footprint and to incentivate partnerships with regional universities and agricultural activities. Rhea Cosmetics' goal is to constantly search for ethically sourced cosmetic ingredients, respecting our environment and human beings alike.
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Caffeine Cosmeceutical
Extracted from the seeds and fruits, it activates the mechanism of lipolysis, accelerating the breakage of triglycerides and therefore helps break down fat.
2Slim   CloudSlim   MorphoShapes 4  
Calendula Extract Phytoceutical
Accelerates skin regeneration thanks to the soothing and cicatrizing properties provided by the increase in the production of fibrin.
Candelilla Wax Phytoceutical
Vegetal wax that prevents dryness and dehydration. On the skin it performs a protective and isolating function, creating a shield against external aggressions.
NutriKiss   Sense Body   Sense Face   Sense Mask  
Carnauba Wax Phytoceutical
Molecule that effectively reduces damage induced by sun exposure, wind and cold. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.
Carnitine Cosmeceutical
Amino acid that increases epidermal cell energy, enhancing their metabolism. It's capable of reducing tissue degradation caused by external agents.
2Slim   ShowerClay   SleepSlim  
Centella Asiatica Extract Phytoceutical
Perennial herbaceous plant that reinforces blood vessels, promoting liquid drainage. It also performs an antioxidant and detoxifying action.
2Drain   CloudSlim  
Ceramides & Sphingosines Cosmeceutical
They protect the skin, restoring an optimal barrier effect and ensuring the necessary protection to prevent dehydration and the loss of liquids from the skin.
Sense Clean   Sense Face   Sense Mask  
ChronoComplex Chronocosmetic
Beer yeast derivative that reinforces the skin's natural ability to protect itself from harmful environmental influences. Revitalizes and firms the skin.
2Drain   2Hydra   2Slim   2Tone   B‑Dose I   B‑Dose IX   B‑Dose VI   B‑Dose VII   B‑Dose X   B‑Dose XI   BotoLike   BotoNight   C‑Clean   CarbonClean   E‑Balm   ExfoGel   EyeCalm   EyeDrain   HydroEm   HydroNight   LeniCream   LumiBlanc   MorphoShapes 1   MorphoShapes 2   MorphoShapes 3   MorphoShapes 4   NutriSleep   OilFree   OxyFluid   PoreReducer   ReViAge   ShowerClay   SleepSlim   SOS Skin   TensoFirm   ToniCream  
Cocoa Butter Phytoceutical
Its strongly lipidic nature provides nourishment to chapped and dry skins. Rich in fatty acids, it restores the barrier function of the skin.
GlicoDerm   NutriKiss   Nutrilips   SOS Skin  
Cocoa Seed Butter Phytoceutical
Rich in polyphenols, Cocoa is a powerful antinflammatory and antioxidant active ingredient. It's functional in draining tissues and in the disposal of fat.
ConcreteWax Cosmeceutical
Pool of ceramides 1-3-6, Cholesterol, fatty acids and Phytosphingosine that acts as a cellular mediator for the maintainment of the skin's barrier function.
B‑Dose I   B‑Dose II   B‑Dose III   B‑Dose IV   B‑Dose IX   B‑Dose VI   B‑Dose XI   BotoLike   EyeCalm   EyeDrain   EyeRevi   HydroEm   LeniCream   LumiBlanc   ReViAge   SleepTone   SOS Skin   TensoFirm  
CrioComplex Cosmeceutical
Menthol based complex that acts on skin thermoreceptors. The emitted cold tones the tissues, decongests the lower limbs and reduces skin sensitizations.
Kaolin Phytoceutical
Red clay rich in silicon and aluminum which performs a soothing, purifying and detoxifying action. Absorbs superficial impurities and toxins to restore skin oxygenation.
Ultra Delicate Cleansing Complex Cosmeceutical
A combination of ultra gentle surfactants which cleanse the skin delicately, without irritations. Ideal even for extremely dehydrated skin.
Vegetal Charcoal Phytoceutical
Porous powder obtained by wood combustion. It normalizes sebaceous production thanks to an anti-smog, absorbing and purifying action.


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