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The Rheary is the collection of all active ingredients present in Rhea products. A kind of formulary which contains all of our special skincare molecules. Our ingredients, that come from all parts of the globe, are carefully selected based on their regenerating properties for the skin. When possible, we select actives from local suppliers in order to reduce our carbon footprint and to incentivate partnerships with regional universities and agricultural activities. Rhea Cosmetics' goal is to constantly search for ethically sourced cosmetic ingredients, respecting our environment and human beings alike.
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(IR)Shield Neurocosmetic
Natural protective complex that soothes redness and prevents the degredation of collagen and elastin induced by photoexposure to IR rays.
CreamSun SPF 20   CreamSun SPF 50   InvisibleSun SPF 15   InvisibleSun SPF 30   InvisibleSun SPF 50   SunBlock SPF 50+  
Acacia Extract Phytoceutical
Prevents dehydration and stimulates skin regeneration. It has excellent water retaining ability, ensuring a remarkable superficial moisturization
CloudSlim   CloudTone  
fungus-derived protease that increases cell turnover and refines the stratum corneum.
Adiposhock Phytoceutical
Drosera Ramentacea extract, efficient in treating fat deposits. A true fat eater, it reduces the size of adipocytes and stimulates lipolysis.
2Slim   ResculptBody   SleepSlim  
Age Blast System
Carrier of coenzyme Q10 (a strong antioxidant) which protects and energizes the skin, also increasing collagen synthesis.
Alanine Cosmeceutical
Amino acid that regenerates the skin, stimulating the repairing and renewal processes.
MorphoShapes 3  
Alcohol Phytoceutical
Contrasts microorganisms by breaking down their proteins and dissolving their lipids; therefore it is effective against many viruses, bacteria and fungi, preventing them from proliferating.
SOS Clean   SOS SkinClean  
Alga Spirulina Cosmeceutical
Rich in Glucosamine, able to actively promote the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid. Spirulina algae ensures the cells always available energy for the replication processes that are the basis of a young and compact skin.
Allantoin Cosmeceutical
Moisturizing, soothing and restoring agent that helps regenerate epithelial tissues. It's efficient in treating chapped, dry and dull skins.
AlphaTonic   B‑Dose IV   HydroNight   PoreReducer   Sense Face   Sense Mask   Sense Scrub   SleepSlim   SleepTone   SOS Feet   SOS Hands   YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Aloe Extract Phytoceutical
Aloe Vera has a remarkable water retaining ability, therefore it performs a targeted moisturizing, anti-allergic, soothing and antinflammatory action.
4Eyes Mask   AutoSun   Hydra [mi]   SoftyClay   SOS Skin   YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Aloe Vera Juice Phytoceutical
Possesses a great ability of retaining water in the skin, restoring moisturization. Performs an antiallergic and soothing action, ideal for restoring hydration to dry or chapped skin.
SOS SkinClean  
Alpha Lipoic Acid Cosmeceutical
Essential for cellulare metabolism because of its important role in energy production. It performs a repairing action on the mitocondrial membrane on photoinduced damages.
YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Aluminum Chloride Cosmeceutical
Salt with an astringent, anti-itching and antimicrobial action. It minimizes the size of pores, uniforming the complexion.
PoreReducer   SOS Feet  
AminoComplex Cosmeceutical
Complex based on Arginine, Lysine and Proline; essential and non-essential amino acids. It performs an elastifying action on the tissues, promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin
Antioxisystem Cosmetogenomic
Liposomal complex based on Alpha Lipoic Acid and Coenzyme Q10. It performs an antioxidizing action that neutralizes free radical activity.
B‑Dose V   B‑Dose X   OxyFluid  
Apple Extract Phytoceutical
Neutralizes and eliminates free radicals and performs an antioxidant action. It has antinflammatory and soothing properties, while the presence of Malic Acid stimulates cellular renewal.
CandyScrub   ExfoGel  
Apricot Oil Phytoceutical
Rich in oleic acid, Vitamin A and E, it restores brightness and tones the skin. It performs a nourishing and regenerating action, reinforcing the skin's hydrolipidic film.
NutriKiss   YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Aquaxyl Cosmeceutical
Complex that provides deep moisturization, stimulating the production of Hyaluronic Acid. It reinforces the skin's barrier by preventing water evaporation.
Sense Body   Sense Mask  
Argan Oil Phytoceutical
Particularly rich in polyunsaturated acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants. It possesses unique anti-age and skin protective properties.
NutriSleep   OilClean   Sense Oil  
Arginine Cosmeceutical
Amino acid specifically used to treat dry and dehydrated skins. It tones the tissues and makes them more elastic by synthesizing the naturally present elastin.
MorphoShapes 2   MorphoShapes 3  
Ascorbic Acid Cosmeceutical
Water soluble Vitamin C, stimulates elastic fibers, tones and provides elasticity to the skin. Brightens dark spots with a direct action on melanin production.
AfterSun   B‑Dose V   CreamSun SPF 20   CreamSun SPF 50   E‑Balm   InvisibleSun SPF 15   InvisibleSun SPF 30   InvisibleSun SPF 50   SunBlock SPF 50+   YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Avocado Oil Phytoceutical
Natural oil rich in fatty acids that simulate the action of skin's hydrolipidic film. Contains phytosterols with emollient, protective and nourishing properties.
AgeFree[mi]   LeniCream   NutriKiss   NutriSleep   Sense Oil  
Azamide Neurocosmetic
Safe and soluble form of Azelaic acid, it has a sebum-regulating and antibacterial effect. It normalizes epidermal differentiation processes and inhibits keratinocyte proliferation. This feature helps to enhance its antiacneic and anticomedogenic action, as it significantly reduces the colonization density of Propionibacterium acnes
Baobab Oil Phytoceutical
Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it has an antioxidant and nourishing effect on nails, hair and skin.
Bearberry Extract Phytoceutical
Naturally rich in arbutin, it naturally brightens the skin. Inhibits the enzyme responsible for the appearance of sunspots.
YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Bentonite Phytoceutical
Very fine grey clay with a purifying and astringent power. It frees the skin from toxins and absorbs impurities like a sponge.
ShowerClay   SoftyClay  
Bio-Placental EGFs Cosmeceutical
Epidermal growth factors (proteins) extracted from vegetal bio-placenta. They stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and cell growth processes, for an anti-wrinkle, firming and regenerating action.
B‑Dose I   B‑Dose III   B‑Dose IV   B‑Dose IX   B‑Dose VI   B‑Dose VIII   E‑Balm   HydroEm   LeniCream   LumiBlanc   MorphoShapes 3   OilFree   RegenerEyes   ReviAge   TensoFirm  
BioCellular Activator
Bio-technological active ingredient of plant origin composed of five bio-fermented growth factors (EGF, IGF-1, acid FGF, alkaline FGF and VEGF), amino acids and vitamins. It acts as a skin rejuvenation booster to stimulate cell vitality, reinforce the skin barrier and smooth out visible wrinkles.
BioClay Cosmeceutical
Biotechnological substance obtained from a microorganism isolated from natural clay. It naturally removes impurities, eliminating unwanted bacteria.
B‑Dose II   MagicMousse   Matt [mi]  
BioRetinol Neurocosmetic
First natural alternative to Retinol. Extracted from the Indian plant Babchi, it is useful in reducing expression lines and skin discolorations and in limiting acne because it acts on the enzyme responsible for sebum production and because it has strong antibacterial properties, too. It also reduces oxidative stress, which is considered as one of the causes of acne.
Birch Extract Phytoceutical
Purifying, decongesting and astringent actives are extracted from the leaves and bark of the tree which work to stimulate drainage of tissues and carry out an antinflammatory action on the skin.
2Drain   CloudDrain   Matt [mi]  
Bisabolol Phytoceutical
Extracted from Chamomile, it has soothing, calming and decongesting properties. Ideal for sensitive and stressed skins because it regenerates and provides relief.
DermoChange   EyeCalm   GlicoDerm   PoreReducer   RevitalFace   SoftyClay   SOS Skin   VolumLips  
Bronze Pigments Phytoceutical
Mixture of colored powders that applied on the skin pigments the outside corneum for an instantaneous and uniform tan.
Caffeine Cosmeceutical
Extracted from the seeds and fruits, it activates the mechanism of lipolysis, accelerating the breakage of triglycerides and therefore helps break down fat.
CloudSlim   MorphoShapes 4  
Calendula Extract Phytoceutical
Accelerates skin regeneration thanks to the soothing and cicatrizing properties provided by the increase in the production of fibrin.
California Poppy Extract Phytoceutical
Flower rich in glaucine, capable of stimulating lymphatic drainage and lipolysis. It increases fat destocking and limits the appearance of new adipocytes.
MorphoShapes 4  
Candelilla Wax Phytoceutical
Vegetal wax that prevents dryness and dehydration. On the skin it performs a protective and isolating function, creating a shield against external aggressions.
NutriKiss   Sense Body   Sense Face   Sense Mask  
Carnauba Wax Phytoceutical
Molecule that effectively reduces damage induced by sun exposure, wind and cold. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.
Carnitine Cosmeceutical
Amino acid that increases epidermal cell energy, enhancing their metabolism. It's capable of reducing tissue degradation caused by external agents.
ResculptBody   ShowerClay   SleepSlim  
Carrot Oil
Rich in beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamins B, PP, E, and D, it contributes to the growth and repair of body tissues. In addition to its anti-ageing capacity, it reduces and prevents stretch marks thanks to its elasticizing properties
2Slim   ShapeOil  
Cellulose Microspheres Neurocosmetic
Of plant origin, they have absorbent and moisturizing properties. They exfoliate the skin gently by stimulating cell renewal.
Centella Asiatica Extract Phytoceutical
Perennial herbaceous plant that reinforces blood vessels, promoting liquid drainage. It also performs an antioxidant and detoxifying action.
2Drain   CloudSlim   ResculptBody  
Ceramides & Sphingosines Cosmeceutical
They protect the skin, restoring an optimal barrier effect and ensuring the necessary protection to prevent dehydration and the loss of liquids from the skin.
Sense Clean   Sense Face   Sense Mask  
Chemical Filters Cosmetogenomic
Molecules capable of selectively absorbing the energy of UV rays, dispersing it and making it harmless.
InvisibleSun SPF 15   InvisibleSun SPF 30   InvisibleSun SPF 50  
ChronoComplex Chronocosmetic
Beer yeast derivative that reinforces the skin's natural ability to protect itself from harmful environmental influences. Revitalizes and firms the skin.
2Drain   2Tone   B‑Dose I   B‑Dose IX   B‑Dose VI   B‑Dose VII   B‑Dose X   B‑Dose XI   BotoLike   BotoNight   C‑Clean   CandyScrub   CarbonClean   DermoChange   E‑Balm   ExfoGel   EyeCalm   EyeDrain   HydroEm   HydroNight   LeniCream   LumiBlanc   MagicMousse   MorphoShapes 1   MorphoShapes 2   MorphoShapes 3   MorphoShapes 4   NutriOil   NutriSleep   OilFree   OxyFluid   PoreReducer   RegenerEyes   ResculptBody   ReviAge   ShapeOil   ShowerClay   SleepSlim   SOS Skin   TensoFirm   ToniCream   WonderWater  
Citric Acid Cosmeceutical
Bacteriostatic and sebum-regulating acid, useful in regulating skin's pH. Has a strong antioxidant and antimicrobial power.
AlphaTonic   Aqua [mi]   DermoChange  
Cocconut Oil Phytoceutical
Contains numerous fatty acids such as Lauric, Myristic, Palmitic and Stearic acids which moisturize, soften and nourish the skin. Prevents dryness making skin hydrated and velvety.
YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Cocoa Butter Phytoceutical
Its strongly lipidic nature provides nourishment to chapped and dry skins. Rich in fatty acids, it restores the barrier function of the skin.
AcneWarrior   GlicoDerm   NutriKiss   SOS Skin   SpotNinja  
Cocoa Seed Butter Phytoceutical
Rich in polyphenols, Cocoa is a powerful antinflammatory and antioxidant active ingredient. It's functional in draining tissues and in the disposal of fat.
ConcreteWax Cosmeceutical
Pool of ceramides 1-3-6, Cholesterol, fatty acids and Phytosphingosine that acts as a cellular mediator for the maintainment of the skin's barrier function.
4Eyes Mask   B‑Dose I   B‑Dose II   B‑Dose III   B‑Dose IV   B‑Dose IX   B‑Dose VI   B‑Dose XI   BotoLike   EyeCalm   EyeDrain   EyeRevi   HydroEm   LeniCream   LumiBlanc   RegenerEyes   ReviAge   SleepTone   SOS Skin   TensoFirm   Young [mi]  
Copper Peptides Neurocosmetic
Tripeptide combined with the copper ion that intervenes in the birth and growth processes of the cell, activating tissue revitalization. It helps prevent skin sensibilizations.
B‑Dose IV   LeniCream   PoreReducer   RevitalFace  
Copper Peptides
Tripeptide combined with the copper ion that intervenes in the processes of cell birth and growth, activating tissue revitalisation. It is effective in mitigating sensitisation processes.
B‑Dose IV   LeniCream   PoreReducer   RevitalFace  
CrioComplex Cosmeceutical
Menthol based complex that acts on skin thermoreceptors. The emitted cold tones the tissues, decongests the lower limbs and reduces skin sensitizations.
CloudDrain   ResculptBody  
DermoFilm Cosmeceutical
Polymer that makes the product water resistant and long lasting. It creates a transpiring film that resists towel friction.
CreamSun SPF 20   CreamSun SPF 50   InvisibleSun SPF 15   InvisibleSun SPF 30   InvisibleSun SPF 50   SunBlock SPF 50+  
DHA Cosmeceutical
Dihydroxyacetone is a synthetic molecule that develops a progressive tan that tints the skin according to a modulated reaction.
Diatom Powder Phytoceutical
Seaweeds rich in detoxifying minerals and oligoelements. They have a fundamental role in preserving the skin's balance and health.
Sense Scrub  
DMAE Neurocosmetic
Anti-gravity molecule that performs a toning action. It provides the cellular membrane with support and increased stress resistance.
B‑Dose X  
Encapsulated Vegetable Charcoal Neurocosmetic
It has purifying and detoxifying properties, it stimulates the elimination of toxins and regulates sebum production. Perfect for asphyxiated and keratinized skin, but indicated also for dry and/or sensitive skin, as it cleanses without dehydrating it.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil Phytoceutical
Known for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, it performs an air purifying action if sprayed in any environment. Sanitizes surfaces and freshens the air.
SOS Clean  
ExfoLux Neurocosmetic
It is a topical modulator of the skin inflammatory response; it optimizes epidermal turnover, it improves skin appearance, and strengthens the skin's barrier effect. As a physiological alternative to alpha hydroxy acids, it also contributes to skin radiance.
EyeComplex 10 Cosmeceutical
Complex capable of draining excess liquids and reducing capillary permeability. Increases skin elasticity of the eye contour area.
EyeDrain   RegenerEyes  
Fermented Black Tea Phytoceutical
Powerful anti-age action with a "filler" and anti-glycation effect. Increases the concentration of adipocytes for fuller lips.
Biotechnological extract derived from the microalga Nannochloropsis oculata combined with a polysaccharide fraction. It has both an instant and long-term firming effect.
Fucus Cosmeceutical
Brown Algae of Atlantic origin with an extraordinary concentration of Potassium and Iodine Salts, making it one of the most used algae in the treatment of cellulite. Promotes drainage and has a lipolytic action.
2Slim   ResculptBody  
GAG Enhancer Cosmeceutical
Molecule that improves skin tone by increasing GAG activity. Increases Hyaluronic Acid synthesis and has a toning and remodeliing effect thanks to the biostimulation of Collagen.
2Tone   B‑Dose XI   MorphoShapes 1   RevitalFace   ToniCream  
Glabridin Neurocosmetic
Extracted from licorice root, it is an isoflavone that catalyzes the transformation of tyrosine into melanin, and has a lightening effect on skin spots. It is also a powerful antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory and soothing action.
Gluconolattone Cosmeceutical
A PHA (Polyhydroxy acid) which applied to the skin incentivates exfoliation and cellular renewal, modelling the process of keratanization.
Glycerin Cosmeceutical
Moisturizing molecule with a high hygroscopic power. Ensures a high and long lasting water supply to the skin.
PoreReducer   TermicWax  
Glycolic Acid Cosmeceutical
Among all the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), it's the one with the lowest molecular weight and therefore has the highest skin penetrating ability. Extracted from sugar canes, it has a powerful exfoliating, skin brightening properties as well as favoring cellular renewal and collagen production.
AlphaTonic   GlicoDerm   MorphoShapes 3  
Glycyrrhizic Acid Neurocosmetic
Extracted from licorice root, it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, which are valuable for skin conditions such as acne.
Green Tea Extract Phytoceutical
Rich in polyphenols, it's an excellent anti-age antioxidant that contrasts the harmful effects of free radicals and IR rays. Thanks to theophylline, it efficiently drains liquids and acts as a lipolytic.
YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Guaranà Extract Phytoceutical
Extract rich in guaranine (molecule similar to caffeine), strong stimulant for fat metabolism. Accelerates tryglicerides splitting and therefore their disposal.
Hamamelis Extract Phytoceutical
Extracted from the leaves, it's highly rich in tannins and possesses bacteriostatic and astringent properties. It reduces the size of dilated pores and is ideal for treating skins with acneic tendencies.
Hamamelis Water Phytoceutical
Hamamelis hydrolate that improves blood circulation. It has potent decongesting and soothing properties, perfect on sensitive and irritated skins.
Sense Scrub   SOS Feet   WonderWater  
Happy Skin Phytoceutical
Rhodiola Root extract, flower capable of stimulating endorifins on epidermal level providing a sensation of pleasure, wellness and relax.
CloudDrain   CloudNutri   CloudSlim   CloudTone  
Hop Phytoestrogens Phytoceutical
Vegetal extracts rich in regenerating and anti-age molecules. The cellular membrane reacts to the phytoestrogen stimulations, improving skin firmness, tissue elasticity and moisturization.
B‑Dose XI  
Horse Chestnut Extract Phytoceutical
Extracted from the seeds, rich in Escin, it performs an important anti-edema action, because it improves capillary fragility. Acts as a powerful vasoconstrictor, reducing the passage of liquids from the capillary to the tissue.
2Slim   CloudDrain   ResculptBody   YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Horsetail Extract Phytoceutical
Rich in antioxidant substances, silicon and molecules with astringent properties, it promotes skin tone and elasticity. It has a draining and detoxifying action.
2Slim   Matt [mi]   YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Hotcomplex Cosmeceutical
Complex that develops a significant hot effect on the skin. It incentives superficial blood microcirculation to stimulate lipolysis.
CloudSlim   ResculptBody  
Hyalu-Fill Cosmeceutical
Topical use filler based on cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid. It ensures a long lasting moisturization, both deep and superficial, thanks to its hygroscopic power.
B‑Dose I   B‑Dose III   B‑Dose IV   B‑Dose IX   B‑Dose VI   B‑Dose VIII   E‑Balm   EyeCalm   EyeDrain   EyeRevi   LumiBlanc   TensoFirm  
Hyaluronic Acid Cosmeceutical
Very strong water retaining molecule, it's capable of retaining 1000 times its weight in water. Moisturizes deeply, providing the skin with fullness and elasticity.
4Eyes Mask   B‑Dose I   B‑Dose II   B‑Dose V   BotoLike   CarbonClean   EyeCalm   EyeDrain   EyeRevi   HydroEm   HydroNight   LumiBlanc   MorphoShapes 1   MorphoShapes 2   NutriKiss   ReviAge   Sense Scrub   ShowerClay   SleepTone   SOS Skin   ToniCream  
HyaluVit Complex Cosmeceutical
A biotechnological complex of cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins that has an antioxidant and regenerating action for greater skin protection. The hydrating capacity of Hyaluronic Acid is enhanced for a prolonged action over time and a consequent plumping effect.
DermoChange   RevitalFace  
Hydraglucose Cosmeceutical
Highly moisturizing sugar molecule that increases epidermal moisturization and is capable of enhancing the NMF, the skin's natural moisturizing factor.
4Eyes Mask   AcneWarrior   B‑Dose I   B‑Dose III   CandyScrub   CloudNutri   Hydra [mi]   MagicMousse   WonderWater  
Hydrolized Tomato Extract Cosmetogenomic
Antioxidant extract that protects form UV rays and heavy metals. Rich in lycopene and polyphenols, it also protects from damage induced by photo-exposure more efficiently than the already know beta-carotene.
Ivy Extract Phytoceutical
Phytoceutical extract with exceptional draining properties, capable of contrasting cellulite imperfections. Reduces and prevents the appearance of subcutaneous fat, promoting the drainage of liquids.
Jojoba Microspheres Phytoceutical
Jojoba microspheres with a high penetrability that break on contact with the skin releasing Vitamin E, group B Vitamins and minerals like Zinc and Copper.
B‑Color I   ExfoGel  
Jojoba Oil Phytoceutical
Extracted from the seeds, it's actually a liquid wax, non fatty and sebum-like. It has excellent emollient, nourishing and protective properties.
AcneWarrior   AgeFree[mi]   E‑Balm   GlicoDerm   LeniCream   NutriKiss   NutriOil   Sense Face   ShapeOil   SpotNinja   YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Jojoba Wax Phytoceutical
Obtained through the pressing of Simmondsia Chinensis seeds, it has excellent soothing, calming and anti-age properties.
B‑Color I   B‑Color II   B‑Color III  
Kakadu Plum Extract Cosmeceutical
Considered to be the fruit with the highest Vitamin C component, its extract is able to provide large amounts of antioxidants.
Radiant [mi]  
Kaolin Phytoceutical
Red clay rich in silicon and aluminum which performs a soothing, purifying and detoxifying action. Absorbs superficial impurities and toxins to restore skin oxygenation.
Kigelia Africana, Extract Phytoceutical
Thanks to its tissue stimulating properties which are superior to those of Caffine, it instantly plumps tissues for extra volume.
Kojic Acid
Derived from fungi of the Aspergillus type, it has a depigmenting effect on skin blemishes. It also has strong antioxidant and skin brightening properties.
Lactic Acid Cosmeceutical
Alpha Hydroxy Acid that exfoliates and favors a controlled skin desquamation to promote cellular renewal while brightening the skin for a more uniform complexion.
NutriSleep   SOS Feet   SOS Skin  
Lavender Extract Phytoceutical
Known for its anti-stress properties, it improves the barrier function of the skin while providing an enveloping feeling of calm.
Lemon Essential Oil Phytoceutical
Improves peripheral blood stasis and reactivates cellular metabolism. Firms the skin and efficiently treats cellulite.Thanks to its antimicrobial and purifying properties, it has distinct cleansing characteristics, capable of contrasting bacteria and fungi.
ResculptBody   SOS Clean   SOS SkinClean  
LiftPeptide Neurocosmetic
This peptide inhibits the proteins involved in muscular contractions, in order to limit tissue mobility. On epidermal level a lifting and toning effect is obtained.
BotoLike   EyeRevi   RegenerEyes   RevitalFace  
LiftUp Neurocosmetic
Estratto dalle foglie di Engelhardia Chrysolepis, albero di origine asiatica dalle spiccate proprietà antiossidanti e antinfiammatorie. Contrasta il rilassamento cutaneo dovuto alla diminuzione degli estrogeni nelle donne in menopausa, aiuta a mantenere l’integrità e la funzionalità dei tessuti.
Lightsystem Cosmeceutical
Vitamin C vehiculating complex based on liposomes and phospholipids. The enhanced action of Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen and brightens the skin.
B‑Dose V   B‑Dose VII   Radiant [mi]   SpotNinja  
LipoFil Complex Phytoceutical
Selection of sebum-like, nourishing, protective, restoring vegetal origin oils, rich in fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins.
SOS Hands  
Luminexin Phytoceutical
Phytocomplex that uses the bioluminescent properties of the Mullein Flower. It has the property of re-emitting light radiations, brightening the skin.
B‑Dose V   Radiant [mi]  
Lysine Cosmeceutical
Essential amino acid that is a part of the Collagen formation processes. Increases skin tone and firmness.
MorphoShapes 3  
Malic Acid Cosmeceutical
From the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family, it's extracted from Apples. It has a specific exfoliating action on pigment cells with a consequent skin brightening effect and an increase in skin brightness.
AlphaTonic   DermoChange   ExfoNight  
Matrikine Cosmeceutical
Act synergically to repair damage caused by aging for skin that’s toned and replumped.
Matrixyl Peptide cosmetic
An anti-aging Peptide which stimulates fibroblasts to reconstruct the extracellular matrix and fight wrinkles.
Menthol Phytoceutical
Derived from Mint leaves, it performs a refreshing and decongesting action. Soothes heaviness, congestion and swelling.
CloudDrain   SOS Feet  
Mineral Pigments Phytoceutical
Of natural origin, these pigments uniform and brighten the complexion. Non occlusive for the skin, they are perfectly compatible even for the most sensitive skins.
B‑Color I   B‑Color II   B‑Color III  
Mint Essential Oil Phytoceutical
Its sanitizing properties are particularly efficient. The essential oil also performs an antiseptic and aromatizing action.
SOS Clean  
Murumuru Butter Phytoceutical
Moisturizing, emollient and protective butter; it's a true concentrate of Vitamin A, antioxidant, and Vitamin F, with sebum regulating and moisturizing abilities.
EyeCalm   EyeDrain   EyeRevi   LeniCream   ReviAge  
Niacinamide Cosmeceutical
Provitamin B3 is a powerful antioxidant and redensifier. It improves the texture of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.
AlphaTonic   B‑Dose I   B‑Dose II   B‑Dose III   B‑Dose VI   B‑Dose VII   B‑Dose VIII   LumiBlanc   OilFree   SpotNinja   TensoFirm  
NightShape Chronocosmetic
Natural complex obtained by marine Plankton that stimulates fat disposal during night hours, follwoing skin's circadian rhythms.
2Slim   MorphoShapes 4   NutriSleep   ResculptBody   SleepTone  
No Transfer Excipients Cosmeceutical
Guarantee long lasting wear and no-transfer of pigments on garments.
B‑Color I   B‑Color II   B‑Color III  
Oat Oil Extract Cosmeceutical
Lipid complex composed of ceramides, phospholipids, sterols, Triacylglycerols and PUFAs that renew and protect the skin's lipid barrier.
AgeFree[mi]   Aqua [mi]   Hydra [mi]  
Oligopeptide 3 Peptide cosmetic
Amino acid chain that improves collagen synthesis. It activates the growth factors tied to the production of elastic fibers to support the tissues.
2Drain   B‑Dose VIII   B‑Dose XI   E‑Balm   HydroEm   MorphoShapes 3   RevitalFace   TensoFirm  
Oligopeptide 34 Peptide cosmetic
Peptide with a brightening action that acts on hyperpigmentations, brightening the complexion. Contrasts the appearance of new dark spots.
B‑Dose VII   RevitalFace   SpotNinja  
Oligopeptide 4 Peptide cosmetic
Stimulates type 1 collagen and elastin synthesis. Activates biological promotors and increases skin tone.
2Tone   B‑Dose X   B‑Dose XI   ExfoGel   MorphoShapes 1  
Oligopeptide 6 Peptide cosmetic
Amino acid chain that reinforces the DNA repair and renewal processes, preserving the genomic integrity and cellular skin youth.
B‑Dose I   B‑Dose III   B‑Dose IV   B‑Dose IX   B‑Dose VI   B‑Dose VIII   OxyFluid   RegenerEyes   ShowerClay   SleepTone  
Olive Oil Phytoceutical
Rich oil that nourishes the skin deeply and regulates the natural moisturization system. It protects from the harmful action of free radicals and prevents skin aging.
NutriKiss   OilClean  
Olive Unsaponifiables Phytoceutical
It's the most precious part of olive oil, that stimulates collagen and elastin fibers and performs a protective, soothing, decongesting and restoring action.
AgeFree[mi]   Aqua [mi]   MagicMousse   SOS Skin  
Olus Oil Phytoceutical
Mixture of triglycerides and vegetal fatty acids. Excellent emollient and skin restorer, provides the skin with a velvety look.
Sense Body   Sense Face   Sense Mask  
Omega 3 Neurocosmetic
Vitamin F, composed of a mixture of Linoleic acid and Alpha-linoleic acid and Arachidonic acid. It regulates sebum production, it has emollient, nourishing properties. It promotes cell regeneration and improves skin elasticity.
AcneWarrior   B‑Dose II   OilFree  
Orange Essential Oil Cosmeceutical
Performs a positive effect on problems related to the slowing of the veno-lymphatic microcirculation due to imperfections such as pefs or so-called cellulite, adiposity, water retention, abdominal swelling.
Orange Extract Phytoceutical
Neurocosmetic active with a calming and relaxing action. It contrasts the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks and it helps contrast tone loss and imperfections caused by cellulite.
Panthenol Cosmeceutical
ProVitamin B5 improves the barrier function of the skin, improves its elasticity and tone. Stimulates cellular regeneration and prevents sensitizations.
AlphaTonic   B‑Dose II   B‑Dose IV   B‑Dose IX   CarbonClean   E‑Balm   LeniCream   MorphoShapes 3   OxyFluid   PoreReducer   ReviAge   SoftyClay   SOS Skin   TensoFirm  
Pea Extract Phytoceutical
Phytoceutical remineralizing and antioxidant extract. Rich in biopeptides that perform an anti-elastase, anti-collagenase and anti-radical action.
Peptide 10 Peptide cosmetic
Decapeptide that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elasting on dermal level. Restores optimal levels of skin firmness and elasticity.
B‑Dose I   B‑Dose III   B‑Dose IV   B‑Dose IX   B‑Dose VIII   B‑Dose XI   C‑Clean   HydroEm   RegenerEyes  
Peptide 38 Peptide cosmetic
Tripeptide that structurally redensifies the skin, smoothing out wrinkles. Stimulates the formation of the six main constituents of the extracellular matrix, responsible for skin firmness.
RevitalFace   TensoFirm  
PerfumAge Neurocosmetic
Previene la caratteristica impronta odorosa emanata dalle pelli più mature neutralizzando le molecole responsabili di odori indesiderati.
PHActive Complex Cosmeceutical
A blend of AHA and PHA with high molecular weight and dermal compatibility that promote cell turnover, minimizing skin imperfections and lightening hyperpigmentation. Its particular composition promotes a deep but delicate exfoliation, while at the same time providing hydration to the skin and an increase in barrier functions.
Physical Filters Cosmetogenomic
Generally made by minerals like Zinc Oxide, Iron, Titanium, Silicon, Aluminum and Talc. These particles create a screen against UV radiations through a refraction process.
SunBlock SPF 50+  
Phytic Acid Cosmeceutical
Extracted through Rice fermentation, this acid is a powerful exfoliant capable of preventing oxidation caused by free radicals. Efficientlty regulates melanin, it preventing dark spots and brightening the skin.
SOS Hands  
PhytoPeptide Phytoceutical
Soy and Rice peptide complex, strongly oxygenating, antioxidant action. Stimulates firmness and tissue redensification.
4Eyes Mask   B‑Dose VI   EyeCalm   EyeDrain   HydroEm   RegenerEyes  
Pineapple Extract Phytoceutical
Rich in aminoacids, fruit acids and oligoelements, it performs an anti-edema, draining and restoring action.
2Drain   SleepSlim  
PoliFilm Cosmeceutical
A blend that creates a transpiring film on the skin, ideal for prolonged setting times. Creates a slow-release basin for the active ingredients.
BotoNight   ExfoNight   HydroNight   PhytoNight  
Pre-, pro- and post-biotics Cosmeceutical
Bacterial nutrients including Betaglucans, Lactobacillus bacteria and Peptides that nourish, disinfect and protect the skin's microflora by rebalancing its biodiversity.
AgeFree[mi]   Aqua [mi]   Hydra [mi]   Matt [mi]   Radiant [mi]   Young [mi]  
Prickly Pear Extract Phytoceutical
Efficiently contrasts oxidative stress and inflammations caused by UV rays and restores proper skin moisturization.
CandyScrub   MorphoShapes 3   SOS Skin   WonderWater  
Proline Cosmeceutical
Non essential amino acid used by the body in the process of collagen production.
MorphoShapes 2   MorphoShapes 3  
Proregen Cosmetogenomic
Functional complex with high anti-irritation properties, protects the skin from the attack of aggressive external agents like Ozone (O3), UV radiations and oxidative stress.
B‑Dose VI   HydroEm   ResculptBody  
ProTan Cosmeceutical
Complex capable of stimulating melanocyte acivity and the migration of melanin, for a more uniform and rapid skin pigmentation.
CreamSun SPF 20   CreamSun SPF 50   InvisibleSun SPF 15   InvisibleSun SPF 30   InvisibleSun SPF 50  
RedPepperStem Cosmetogenomic
Complex based on Chili Pepper stem cells. Its regenerating action provides elasticity and redensifies the cutaneous tissue.
B‑Dose VIII   E‑Balm   PhytoNight  
Rescueact Neurocosmetic
Inhibits the inflammatory and erythemogenic processes tied to sun exposure, soothes the skin thanks to an advanced neurocosmetic process.
Retinol Cosmeceutical
Vitamin A that acts as an antioxidant on free radicals. It intervenes on the synthesis of dermal fibers, efficiently contrasting tissue failure and aging signs.
4Eyes Mask   E‑Balm   EyeDrain   EyeRevi   LeniCream   LumiBlanc   MorphoShapes 3   OilFree   ReviAge  
Rice Oil Phytoceutical
The high concentration of gamma-oryzanol confers this oil protective properties against photoaging. Furthermore it possesses excellent emollient and restoring properties.
OilClean   Sense Body   Sense Clean   Sense Oil  
Rice Powder Phytoceutical
Rich in group B Vitamins, with a strong soothing and cicatrizing efficiency. Reduces redness and sensitizations, decongests and soothes the skin.
Sense Body   Sense Scrub  
Rice Semolina Phytoceutical
Rich in group B Vitamins, thanks to the small particles, it performs a more localized and targeted exfoliation.
Rice Starch Phytoceutical
Natural cleanser with an exfoliating power; has an antinflammatory and soothing action and is useful in case of redness and irritations.
Rocket Extract Cosmetogenomic
Natural extract that performs important antioxidant and protective functions on cellular level. It intervenes in the antioxidant response of the body.
B‑Dose VI   CarbonClean   MagicMousse   OxyFluid   PhytoNight  
Rose Water Neurocosmetic
Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids, fatty acids and minerals, it is highly soothing and protective. It helps the skin defend itself from external aggressions by regulating the skin’s sebum production and fortifying the underlying structure of the dermis.
Rosemary Essential Oil Phytoceutical
Possesses a tonifying, antiseptic and skin purifying action. It favors skin sanitization.
SOS SkinClean  
Saffron Stigma Phytoceutical
Extract rich in Vitamin A, B1 and B2, Vitamin C, proteins and minerals, lycopene and carotenoids. It efficiently treats hyperpigmentations and brightens dull skin.
Sage Essential Oil Phytoceutical
Reduces inflammatory states tied to cellulite and improves venous stasis. Drains and improves lymphatic stagnation.
MorphoShapes 4  
Salicylic Acid Cosmeceutical
Beta Hydroxy Acid that thins the top layer of skin cells and evens the complexion. It performs a controlled keratolytic action and stimulates collagen production.
DermoChange   MorphoShapes 3  
Sapphire Shimmer Cosmeceutical
Highly reflective shimmering powder that gives a glittering effect.
Matt [mi]  
Sepilift Cosmeceutical
A molecule that moisturizes and smoothes the signs of aging. Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles while delivering hyrdation for lips that are smooth.
Shea Butter Phytoceutical
Butter with potent emollient, moisturizing and nourishing properties. Highly sebum-like, it protects the superficial layers of the skin, contains Vitamin A and Oleic Acid.
CloudDrain   CloudNutri   CloudSlim   CloudTone   LeniCream   NutriKiss   PoreReducer   Sense Body   Sense Face   Sense Mask   SOS Feet   SOS Hands   SOS Skin   VolumLips  
Softfocus Powders Cosmeceutical
Combination of uniforming and mattifying action powders. By optical action, they modify the refraction index of light, uniforming the complexion.
B‑Dose II   Young [mi]  
Soy Bean Oil Phytoceutical
Regenerates skin and balances its process of kerantization, performing and antioxidant and rejuvenating action. Fights wrinkles, soothes skin burns and helps prevent sun irritations.
YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Squalene Cosmeceutical
One of the most important sebum constituents, it's an oily substance that maintains the superficial layer of the skin moisturized, slowing down water evaporation.
StemCell Complex
Complex composed of plant stem cells derived from the Globosa daisy, which increases the skin's ability to regenerate itself fight while fighting ageing agents. It alleviates micro-inflammations while unfirming out skin tone.
Sunflower Oil Phytoceutical
Rich in Vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant, it protects the cellular membranes and contrasts free radicals responsible for skin aging.
B‑Color I   B‑Color II   B‑Color III   CloudNutri   CloudTone   NutriOil   OilClean   YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Sweet Almond Oil Phytoceutical
Oil used for its nourishing and emollient properties, especially to preserve skin elasticity. Particularly rich in fatty acids, Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid.
CloudDrain   CloudNutri   CloudTone   NutriOil   OilClean   Sense Body   Sense Clean   Sense Mask   Sense Oil   SoftyClay  
Symsitive Neurocosmetic
Complex that acts efficiently as a sensitivity regulator, immediately soothing skin inflammations. Reduces irritations and sensitizations.
Sense Body   Sense Face  
Tara Wax Phytoceutical
Wax that, when merged with the hydrolipidic film, restores a correct barrier function. It supports the function of ceramides, fundamental elements for a good skin cohesion and firmness.
Tartaric Acid Cosmeceutical
Extracted from grapes, this Alpha Hydroxy Acid is ideal in treating acne, pimples and blackheads.
AlphaTonic   DermoChange   RevitalFace  
Theophylline Phytoceutical
Extraced from tea leaves it promotes the drainage of excess liquids to remodel the silhouette.
Tiarè Extract Phytoceutical
Botanical extract of the flower also known as Monoi of Tahiti, is used for its antioxidant and firming properties which repair damage caused by tanning. It contrasts dryness and skin dehyrdation.
YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Tocopherol Cosmeceutical
Vitamin E that prevents oxidation reactions and acts as a biological antioxidant. Performs a protective effect against free radicals.
4Eyes Mask   AfterSun   AgeFree[mi]   Aqua [mi]   B‑Dose I   B‑Dose III   B‑Dose IX   BotoLike   C‑Clean   CarbonClean   CloudNutri   CreamSun SPF 20   CreamSun SPF 50   DermoChange   E‑Balm   ExfoGel   EyeCalm   EyeDrain   EyeRevi   GlicoDerm   HydroEm   InvisibleSun SPF 15   InvisibleSun SPF 30   InvisibleSun SPF 50   LeniCream   Matt [mi]   MorphoShapes 3   NutriKiss   NutriOil   NutriSleep   OilClean   OilFree   OxyFluid   PoreReducer   ReviAge   RevitalFace   Sense Body   Sense Clean   Sense Face   Sense Mask   Sense Oil   ShowerClay   SleepTone   SOS Feet   SOS Skin   SOS SkinClean   SpotNinja   SunBlock SPF 50+   TensoFirm   Young [mi]   YouthSun SPF 30   YouthSun SPF 50  
Transcutol® Cosmeceutical
Solvent formed by an alcohol and an ether that favors the penetration of actives by solubilizing the lipid matrix of the corneum.
2Drain   2Slim   2Tone   AgeFree[mi]   Aqua [mi]   B‑Dose I   B‑Dose II   B‑Dose III   B‑Dose IV   B‑Dose IX   B‑Dose V   B‑Dose VI   B‑Dose VII   B‑Dose VIII   B‑Dose X   B‑Dose XI   BotoLike   CandyScrub   CloudDrain   CloudNutri   CloudSlim   CloudTone   E‑Balm   ExfoGel   Hydra [mi]   HydroEm   LeniCream   LumiBlanc   Matt [mi]   MorphoShapes 1   MorphoShapes 2   MorphoShapes 3   MorphoShapes 4   NutriOil   NutriSleep   OilFree   OxyFluid   Radiant [mi]   ResculptBody   ReviAge   SleepSlim   SleepTone   SOS Feet   SOS Hands   SOS Skin   SpotNinja   TensoFirm  
Transglycol Cosmeceutical
Solvent that increases the diffusion of actives, opening the skin's pore channels and at the same time temporaneously dissolving the skin's lipidic membrane.
MorphoShapes 1   MorphoShapes 2   MorphoShapes 3   MorphoShapes 4  
Trehalose Phytoceutical
Used by desert plants to maintain optimal moisturization levels even during droughts; on the skin it increases the water retaining properties, preventing dehydration and dryness.
Sense Clean   Sense Mask   Sense Scrub  
Triactive Solar Filters Cosmetogenomic
Efficiently contrast damage caused by UVA, UVB and IR ray exposure.
Truffle Extract Phytoceutical
Extract of the tuber that possesses brightening and melanin production regulation properties. Carries out a lifting effect thanks to its rich content of stimulating and regenerating amino acids.
SOS Hands  
Tsubaki Oil Cosmeceutical
Extracted from the Japanese Camellia, it is recognised for its strong antioxidant action. Gives the skin suppleness and softness.
Aqua [mi]  
Ubiquinone Cosmetogenomic
Coenzyme Q10, antioxidant enzyme cofactor that performs a remarkable anti-radical and protective action against damage caused by photoaging.
B‑Dose X  
Ultra Delicate Cleansing Complex Cosmeceutical
A combination of ultra gentle surfactants which cleanse the skin delicately, without irritations. Ideal even for extremely dehydrated skin.
Urea Cosmeceutical
Enriches formulations thanks to its moisturizing and softening properties. Efficiently retains water molecules, moisturizes the skin deeply, softens the skin layers and promotes healing.
E‑Balm   NutriSleep   SOS Feet  
UV-Protection Cosmetogenomic
Mixture of physical powders that possesses a high refraction index and is capable of efficiently absorbing, reflecting and dispersing UVA and UVB rays.
SOS Hands  
Vegetal Charcoal Phytoceutical
Porous powder obtained by wood combustion. It normalizes sebaceous production thanks to an anti-smog, absorbing and purifying action.
VenomPeptide Neurocosmetic
Synthetic peptide that mimics the effect of viper venom to contrast facial muscle contractions and therefore the appearance of wrinkles and tissue failure.
BotoLike   BotoNight   E‑Balm   RevitalFace  
Vitamin C Microspheres Cosmeceutical
Encapsulated water soluble Vitamin C with brightening and antioxidant properties. They stimulate collagen to restore tone and elasticity to the tissues.
Volufiline Cosmeceutical
Stimulates the proliferation and volume increase of fat cells, favoring plumping through an action similar to "cosmetic lipo-filling".
Volum-Up Phytoceutical
Gardenia Asiatica extract that stimulates lipid accumulation on adipocyte level. It generates an increase of the hypodermic lipid layer, volumizing the tissue.
2Tone   MorphoShapes 2  
Walnut Shells Phytoceutical
Medium-large size particles that when frictioned by the hands, they stimulate skin exfoliation and cellular renewal.
WarmComplex Cosmeceutical
Complex that develops a superficial hyperemia (controlled increase in blood flow). The tissue suffers a localized blood circulation from which derives a strong stimulation and revitalization.
MorphoShapes 3  
Wheat Germ Oil Phytoceutical
Rich in essential fatty acids, it's indicated for treating sensitive skins because of its restoring and firming properties.
E‑Balm   EyeCalm   EyeDrain   EyeRevi   LeniCream   ReviAge  
White Lily Bulbs Phytoceutical
The extract of the bulbs has emollient, soothing and antinflammatory properties. Rich in bioactivating substances, it improves the skin's firmness.
White Truffle Extract Cosmeceutical
Precious tuber that has a lightening effect thanks to enzymes that regulate melanin production and a lifting effect deriving from essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine.
Young [mi]  
WhitePeptide Peptide cosmetic
Encapsulated biomimetic peptide capable of minimizing the synthesis of melanin. Reduces the visibility of hyperpigmentations and improves the skin's brightness.
B‑Dose VII   LumiBlanc   RevitalFace  
Zanthalene Phytoceutical
Obtained by the fruit of Sichuan pepper, it has soothing properties and reduces skin sensitivity and irritations.
Sense Body   Sense Clean   Sense Face   Sense Mask   Sense Oil  
Zinc Gluconate Cosmeceutical
Essential mineral with a balancing and sebum normalizing action. Its antinflammatory processes balance follicular sensitizations.