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Rhea Cosmetics Rhea Cosmetics


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Rhea Cosmetics Rhea Cosmetics Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics

the heart
of your skin

revitalizes the heart of your skin

The appearance of your skin depends on the vitality of its cells, small worlds of energy in constant motion that provide your tissues with essential nutrients.
As this cellular kinetic capacity decreases over time, energy exchange slows down.
The signs of skin aging arise and increase: wrinkles, spots, skin dryness, and loss of tone.

Nucleus stimulation
restores the cellular
dynamic pulsation.

The core of the treatment:
three techniques inspired to aesthetic medicine.


Inspired by Dermaplaning

A controlled exfoliation that improves the skin’s texture by oxygenating it deeply. The skin is renewed and homogeneous and regains color.


Inspired by Needling

Revitalizing microcurrents that repair tissues deeply. The skin is more elastic and plumped.


Inspired by biorevitalization

Essential nutrients get to the heart of the cell. Skin relaxes minimizing the imperfections of aging.

It doubles cellular vitality.

In vitro analysis carried out by the University of Pavia demonstrate that mySKINETIC® treatment increases ATP synthesis or Adenosine Triphosphate, the true molecular engine of cellular life.

+96% ATP

It globally acts
on the signs of aging

Replenishes, relaxes
and evens
the complexion

It is ideal
for your skin

The treatment can
be personalized
according to

It preserves
your youth

Thanks to the supply of
essential nourishment
and a renewed
metabolic functioning

It redefines
the architecture
of your skin

It lifts your facial traits
through a synergy between
currents and a
myolifting massage