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Sun Safety

When is it safe to be out in the sun?

We suggest to avoid sun exposure between 10:00 and 15:00, when the sun rays are at their strongest peak.
Use the “shadow rule” to know if it’s time to stay out of the sun. If your body projects a shadow shorter than your height, the intensity of the uv rays is strong so it’s time to seek protection in a shady area.

For how long?

Based on your phototype, here are the maximum exposure times without protection to avoid sun burns.

Sunglasses and hat

Besides the skin, the sun can also cause damage to your eyes so it’s best to wear sunglasses with 100% uvb protection. Wear the right hat, one that has a brim of at least 8 cm. The hat will also help you protect against glares.

Cool clothes

The skin can be protected with sunscreens but also through light layers of loose clothes with a thick weave. Natural fiber like cotton are the freshest ones. Dark colors offer more protection than bright colors.

Keep hydrated

During sun exposure, keeping hydrated is essential for your skin and body. Water is ideal for the hottest days, so we suggest to drink at least 2 liters a day. If you exercise outside during a hot day the experts suggest you drink a glass about every 15-20 minutes. The diet for a perfect tan Rich in beta-carotene, vitamin c and omega 3, these foods will be the best allies to favora long lasting and bright tan: carrots, melon, radicchio, red fruits, tomatoes, cherries, peaches, apricots, almonds,salmon.


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