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Summer Now Routine

"So where’s the hot weather?"
"Summer’s never coming!"

Summer comes.

"OMG the heat! This boiling hot weather is lasting forever!"

Hot weather brings on challenges: minimizing sun damage, ensuring moisture, giving your skin a breather and, like every year, the need for detox, face and body included.

Our Summer Now routine is designed to do just that.

Starting with facial cleansing, C-Clean has extraordinary abilities: lightweight, very delicate and with a unique fragrance (kind of like strolling through and Orange Tree grove in Sicily) it deeply captures skin impurities while Vitamin C spheres release their antioxidant power limiting photo-ageing induced by sun exposure.

While C-Clean detoxifies the face, ResculptBody works on the body.

Take some time out and treat yourself to a few homecare treatment sessions. ResculptBody helps tone, firm and drain the most critical body areas.

Alternating hot and cold stimuli deep in the skin, and massaging with the RheaCup to strengthen the power of this global body treatment.

But let's get back to the face.

Oxyfluid is a illuminating fluid gel based on rocket extract which protects skin from environmental oxidation. The skin becomes bright, rosy and full of life again (

But Oxyfluid would not be Oxyfluid without its magic wand capable of making its effect multifunctional: the B-Dose.

For the summer period, hydrating B-Dose I is just what you need. Moisturising your skin is the must-have of every season and we can't help but put it among the essential products for this summer too!


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