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Rhea Cosmetics Rhea Cosmetics Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics
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Rhea Cosmetics Rhea Cosmetics
Rhea Cosmetics


Eyes and lips

When you want to refresh your eyes by lifting the contour. Or when you want to protect and regenerate your lips, and maybe give them a bit more volume.

For those specific areas, we have specific products.

4Eyes Mask

Eye contour and forehead anti-age mask / 4 single use sheet masks


52,50 €

How many things can you do in 10 minutes? A lot, even at the same time because you’re multitasking! But this is definitely...


Anti-dark circle cream


55,00 €

15 ml

Dark circles. Those two dark crescents under your eyes are enough to ruin everything. But not if you have this cream which...


Refreshing eye cream


55,00 €

15 ml

It's no fun waking up with puffy eyes. What can you do? Instantly regenerate your eye area and reduce liquid stagnation with...

EyeFactor Balm

Revitalizing Exposome eye balm


77,00 €

15 ml

Balm means nourishment. Nourishment for your Exposome. EyeFactor Balm has a strong personality.It’s an eye contour that...

EyeFactor Cream

Revitalizing Exposome eyecream


77,00 €

15 ml

It’s an eye contour that likes to be there, but without being too conspicuous. Every day, it defends you against the exposomic...


Rejuvenating eye cream


59,50 €

15 ml

Our eyes don't lie and wrinkles around the eye contour are a tell-tale sign of our age. Start taking serious care of them...


Nourishing lip balm


25,00 €

4 g

This may look like a normal lip balm. but it’s much more! NutriKiss is a stick balm that moisturizes and protects your...


Eye and lip lipogel make-up remover


29,50 €

75 ml

We tried it on the most stubborn makeup, the waterproof type, and it was able to remove it extremely gently thanks to its...


Intensive regenerating eye contour treatment


158,50 €

28 vials x 2 ml

They've definitely got super powers: they can strike you down, they can say I love you more sincerely than any words, they...


Volumizing lip balm


40,50 €

15 ml

Your lips make all the difference to your face, and we have formulated this phytoceutic balm to make them full and plump....