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Rhea Cosmetics

Take our test and discover the perfect products for your skin.

Imagine being able to read the skin, to decipher and understand it. It’s called Skincoding® and it’s a quick autodiagnosis available online and in authorized Rhea institutes.

Your skin is unique and unrepeatable. That's why we created tailor made skincare. Made just for you.

"One day I looked at a person I loved and I realized that we were quite different."

I realized that if I wanted to preserve her beauty, I had to find a cosmetic that cared for the skin I loved so much. But there was none.
Rhea Cosmetics
Sara and Gianmarco Alfonso, us
So I took all the most advanced dermocosmetic technologies, the most powerful active ingredients and created it. It was the only product perfect for her skin.

Together we created Rhea Cosmetics, the Human Based Skincare".
Rhea Cosmetics

Peptide cosmetic.
All on your skin.

Did you know that by mixing together a Rhea Cream with a B-Dose booster you obtain the perfect cosmetic for your face?

Choose your Cream, select your B-Dose booster and then prepare your custom-made blend, made on the spot. A cosmetic that works on your skin with the highest content of active ingredients possible! And then there's all the rest. Products which work together and strengthen eachother. Each one is special: some become warm on your skin, others are really really black because they contain charcoal, others work overnight. Come and get to know them.
Rhea Cosmetics face
Rhea Cosmetics body

Ready to remodel, tone, moisturize and detox?

Rich and velvety textures await you. But if you prefer, there are light and invisible ones too. Some you apply all over, other ones are studied to work on specific areas. To use during the day and also overnight. Our body care products are all multi-tasking... and the results are instant.

Allergic and reactive.
That's the kind of skin we like to take care of.

Because it has many needs and requires much attention. That's why we created Sense. Formulas compatible with fragile skins, weakend by allergies, intolerances and pharmacological therapies. Free from parabens, synthetic colorants, petrolatums, fragrances, allergens, PEGs and aggressive additives. Sense contains only what allergic skin needs to be happy.
Rhea Cosmetics sense


Something that protects without being noticed too much. Something invisible and light. Something that spreads easily on your body without wasting tme. Something capable of communicating with our most delicate areas like scars and tattoos. RHEA Sun.

Are you a beautician?

One day we were looking at your hands. And we thought: the hands of this beautician can accomplish great things. They can mold bodies, redefine age, create unique treatments for every person. If only they had the right skincare. But they didn’t. So we created it.
Rhea Cosmetics

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