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Rhea Cosmetics
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Reactive and allergic skin

Sensitive. That’s the skin we like to take care of. Because it has many needs. It’s demanding, delicate, and requires a lot of attention.

That’s why we created Sense. Minimal formulas for fragile skin affected by allergies, intolerances or pharmacological therapies. Free from parabens, synthetic colorants, petrolatum, perfumes, animal derivatives, allergens, PEGs and aggressive additives. Sense contains only what sensitive skin needs to be happy.

Sense Body

Soothing body cream


37,35 € 41,50 €

Soothing body cream / 150 ml

Here is the identikit of the ideal body cream for sensitive skin: it is moisturizing, nourishing and soothing, and it protects...

Sense Clean

Gentle facial cleanser


28,35 € 31,50 €

Gentle facial cleanser / 150 ml

This is a simple product, a cleansing milk that gently removes make-up from your face with Rice and Sweet Almond oils. Yet,...

Sense Face

Soothing facial balm


32,40 € 36,00 €

Soothing facial balm / 50 ml

In this moisturizing and restoring emulsion containing oils, butters and waxes of vegetable origin there are active ingredients...

Sense Mask

Restoring facial mask


28,35 € 31,50 €

Restoring facial mask / 50 ml

We have often wondered what the best diet is to nourish delicate skin. Our answer is this super-nourishing mask. To rebalance...

Sense Oil

Regenerating facial and body oil


35,55 € 39,50 €

Regenerating facial and body oil / 75 ml

Our soothing and calming dry oil. It fights the feeling of discomfort on irritated skin, while nourishing and protecting...

Sense Scrub

Ultra gentle facial exfoliant


28,35 € 31,50 €

Ultra gentle facial exfoliant / 50 ml

A fresh gel that gently exfoliates without irritating the skin, based on very fine diatomaceous powders. Try googling “Diatoms”...