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Exfoliating overnight face treatment / 50 ml
40,50 €

He stays up until the wee hours of the morning to give you his best! ExfoNight gently exfoliates skin, favoring cellular renewal and purification while lightening dark spots. Your skin will become so radiant that the morning light will be nothing in comparison! The actives which makes this treatment shine are AHAs and PHAs (alphahydroxy and polihydroxyacids) which stimulate exfoliation and cellular regeneration, delivering immediate radiance and uniformity to the complexion.

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Finalmente ho trovato il prodotto giusto per la mia pelle impura.Dopo la posa notturna mi sveglio con una pelle luminosa e purificata,la sensazione e come se avesse appena fatto la pulizia del viso,le bollicine di acne sono sparite dalla seconda applicazione.Ottimo per lacne da mascherina.
Neilenko Mariia


Malic Acid

From the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family, it's extracted from Apples. It has a specific exfoliating action on pigment cells with a consequent skin brightening effect and an increase in skin brightness.


A blend that creates a transpiring film on the skin, ideal for prolonged setting times. Creates a slow-release basin for the active ingredients.


A PHA (Polyhydroxy acid) which applied to the skin incentivates exfoliation and cellular renewal, modelling the process of keratanization.

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Exfoliating lotion


63,50 €

Exfoliating lotion / 200 ml

Glycolic acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid and Tartaric Acid. Does this formula seem too strong? Not at all! The exfoliating...


Renewing face treatment / Box set with 5 ExfoPads, 1 FacePeel 15 ml, 1 NewSkin 15 ml


92,00 €

Renewing face treatment / Box set with 5 ExfoPads, 1 FacePeel 15 ml, 1 NewSkin 15 ml /

Changes are always good for the mind, the spirit.…and this one is especially good for your face, so much to renew it! We’re...


Exfoliating powder


46,00 €

Exfoliating powder / 65 g

Natural Walnut Shell and Rice powders: that's our recipe for smoothing, purifying and mattifying your skin in a gentle way....


Exfoliating cream


84,50 €

Exfoliating cream / 50 ml

The transformation takes place at night while you're asleep. Because this dense and velvety cream based on Glycolic Acid...

Radiant [mi]

Illuminating [mi]crobiome face cream


45,00 €

Illuminating [mi]crobiome face cream / 50 ml

Have you ever felt the little tingling sensation on your skin when you are in the sun? It is the energy that gets under...

B-Dose V

Skin radiance


53,50 €

Skin radiance / 10 ml

Bioluminescence is that enchanting light from fireflies or certain bright flowers such as Mullein. And Mullein is the basis...