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Radiant [mi]

Illuminating [mi]crobiome face cream / 50 ml
40,50 € 45,00 €

Have you ever felt the little tingling sensation on your skin when you are in the sun?

It is the energy that gets under the epidermal layers. It is the same tingling of life that awakens organisms in an ecosystem.

Now imagine the same reaction: the skin coming back to life and colour thanks to bacterial super nutrients and antioxidants that act immediately to repair damage caused by harmful external agents.

Vitamin C is released in a constant and prolonged manner, producing collagen while the Mullein plant complex makes your skin a mirror from which a ray of light is reflected.

The result is a vibrant, illuminated and brilliant skin.

You can’t do without if...


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Dalla texture molto leggere, ideale nel periodo estivo
Marilena Irranca



Vitamin C vehiculating complex based on liposomes and phospholipids. The enhanced action of Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen and brightens the skin.


Phytocomplex that uses the bioluminescent properties of the Mullein Flower. It has the property of re-emitting light radiations, brightening the skin.


Solvent formed by an alcohol and an ether that favors the penetration of actives by solubilizing the lipid matrix of the corneum.

Pre-, pro- and post-biotics

Bacterial nutrients including Betaglucans, Lactobacillus bacteria and Peptides that nourish, disinfect and protect the skin's microflora by rebalancing its biodiversity.

Kakadu Plum Extract

Considered to be the fruit with the highest Vitamin C component, its extract is able to provide large amounts of antioxidants.

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