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Rhea Cosmetics
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Suggested by Chiara
Rhea Cosmetics Rhea Cosmetics

Matt [mi]

Mattifying [mi]crobiome face cream / 50 ml
37,35 € 41,50 €

Its strength is the combination of bacterial nutrients, clay, plants and mattifying powders.

A compact mix that corrects and balances the skin's impurities and rebuilds the correct relationship between the bacterial ecosystem and the stratum corneum.

The "bad" bacteria that cause oiliness and infections are reduced and the result is moisturised, even, healthy and mattified skin.

You can’t do without if...


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Birch Extract

Purifying, decongesting and astringent actives are extracted from the leaves and bark of the tree which work to stimulate drainage of tissues and carry out an antinflammatory action on the skin.

Horsetail Extract

Rich in antioxidant substances, silicon and molecules with astringent properties, it promotes skin tone and elasticity. It has a draining and detoxifying action.


Vitamin E that prevents oxidation reactions and acts as a biological antioxidant. Performs a protective effect against free radicals.


Solvent formed by an alcohol and an ether that favors the penetration of actives by solubilizing the lipid matrix of the corneum.

Pre-, pro- and post-biotics

Bacterial nutrients including Betaglucans, Lactobacillus bacteria and Peptides that nourish, disinfect and protect the skin's microflora by rebalancing its biodiversity.


Sapphire Shimmer

Highly reflective shimmering powder that gives a glittering effect.

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Vegetable Charcoal cleanser


44,55 € 49,50 €

Vegetable Charcoal cleanser / 200 ml

More than a cleanser: a black knight that fights against impurities, toxins and smog particles that settle on your skin....


Exfoliating powder


41,40 € 46,00 €

Exfoliating powder / 65 g

Natural Walnut Shell and Rice powders: that's our recipe for smoothing, purifying and mattifying your skin in a gentle way....


Balancing cream


72,90 € 81,00 €

Balancing cream / 50 ml

It's a question of balance: conditions like acne and oily skin need normalizing and purifying factors. These are just what...


Radiant fluid


76,05 € 84,50 €

Radiant fluid / 50 ml

If you think oxygen isn't important, hold your breath for three minutes. Your skin is just like you: it needs to oxygenate...


Astringent paste


39,60 € 44,00 €

Astringent paste / 15 ml

If enlarged pores are bothering you, make them smaller with this instant remedy. Thanks to the Witch Hazel plant-based extract,...

B-Dose II



48,15 € 53,50 €

Purifying / 10 ml

For combination/oily complexions, the issue that disturbs the skin is the excesses: too much shine, too much secretion, and...

B-Dose VI



52,20 € 58,00 €

Renewing / 10 ml

You don't notice them because they are microscopic but the mitochondria breathe and this has a very strong impact on the...