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Volumizing lip balm / 15 ml
35,55 € 39,50 €

Your lips make all the difference to your face, and we have formulated this phytoceutic balm to make them full and plump. It instantly volumizes your lips through a sensory cooling system, stimulating the epithelial tissues of the mucous membranes. The African Kigelia Extract firms and plumps the adipose tissues. Volufiline has a ''lipo-filling'' action, i.e. it increases the volume of the adipocytes for an inner- plumping effect. Matrixyl stimulates the fibroblasts to counteract loss of tone and volume.

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Una sola parola:meraviglioso
Rhea Fan
Prodotto fantastico, assolutamente da avere!
Mary Vasa
Molto idratante e allo stesso tempo si assorbe rapidamente lasciando le labbra morbide ma non unte. Molto confortevole per l'arrivo dei primi freddi!
Rhea Fan



Extracted from Chamomile, it has soothing, calming and decongesting properties. Ideal for sensitive and stressed skins because it regenerates and provides relief.

Shea Butter

Butter with potent emollient, moisturizing and nourishing properties. Highly sebum-like, it protects the superficial layers of the skin, contains Vitamin A and Oleic Acid.

Kigelia Africana, Extract

Thanks to its tissue stimulating properties which are superior to those of Caffine, it instantly plumps tissues for extra volume.


An anti-aging Peptide which stimulates fibroblasts to reconstruct the extracellular matrix and fight wrinkles.


A molecule that moisturizes and smoothes the signs of aging. Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles while delivering hyrdation for lips that are smooth.

Fermented Black Tea

Powerful anti-age action with a "filler" and anti-glycation effect. Increases the concentration of adipocytes for fuller lips.


Stimulates the proliferation and volume increase of fat cells, favoring plumping through an action similar to "cosmetic lipo-filling".

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