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Astringent paste / 15 ml
44,00 €

If enlarged pores are bothering you, make them smaller with this instant remedy. Thanks to the Witch Hazel plant-based extract, which is rich in tannins with an astringent and dermo-purifying action, the diameter of your pores will be drastically reduced and your skin texture will be smoother and more uniform. The addition of Zinc and Aluminum salts will stabilize the pore diameter reduction for several hours.

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Moisturizing, soothing and restoring agent that helps regenerate epithelial tissues. It's efficient in treating chapped, dry and dull skins.

Aluminum Chloride

Salt with an astringent, anti-itching and antimicrobial action. It minimizes the size of pores, uniforming the complexion.

Hamamelis Extract

Extracted from the leaves, it's highly rich in tannins and possesses bacteriostatic and astringent properties. It reduces the size of dilated pores and is ideal for treating skins with acneic tendencies.


Extracted from Chamomile, it has soothing, calming and decongesting properties. Ideal for sensitive and stressed skins because it regenerates and provides relief.


Beer yeast derivative that reinforces the skin's natural ability to protect itself from harmful environmental influences. Revitalizes and firms the skin.


Moisturizing molecule with a high hygroscopic power. Ensures a high and long lasting water supply to the skin.

Shea Butter

Butter with potent emollient, moisturizing and nourishing properties. Highly sebum-like, it protects the superficial layers of the skin, contains Vitamin A and Oleic Acid.


ProVitamin B5 improves the barrier function of the skin, improves its elasticity and tone. Stimulates cellular regeneration and prevents sensitizations.

Copper Peptides

Tripeptide combined with the copper ion that intervenes in the birth and growth processes of the cell, activating tissue revitalization. It helps prevent skin sensibilizations.


Vitamin E that prevents oxidation reactions and acts as a biological antioxidant. Performs a protective effect against free radicals.

Zinc Gluconate

Essential mineral with a balancing and sebum normalizing action. Its antinflammatory processes balance follicular sensitizations.

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