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B-Dose XI

Redesnsifying / 10 ml
52,20 € 58,00 €

Have you noticed that younger women have plump skin and defined facial contours? This is due to estrogens, the female hormones to which the skin receptors react by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, the skin's supporting structures. In this booster we have inserted Phyto-estrogens, plant hormones that reproduce this mechanism. The result is that the quality of your collagen and elastin will improve significantly, to counteract wrinkles and skin laxity.

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Si tratta di un prodotto davvero spettacolare e utile: mi ha abbellito la pelle in pochi giorni! La sento e la vedo già diversa!!!
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Beer yeast derivative that reinforces the skin's natural ability to protect itself from harmful environmental influences. Revitalizes and firms the skin.


Pool of ceramides 1-3-6, Cholesterol, fatty acids and Phytosphingosine that acts as a cellular mediator for the maintainment of the skin's barrier function.

GAG Enhancer

Molecule that improves skin tone by increasing GAG activity. Increases Hyaluronic Acid synthesis and has a toning and remodeliing effect thanks to the biostimulation of Collagen.

Hop Phytoestrogens

Vegetal extracts rich in regenerating and anti-age molecules. The cellular membrane reacts to the phytoestrogen stimulations, improving skin firmness, tissue elasticity and moisturization.

Oligopeptide 3

Amino acid chain that improves collagen synthesis. It activates the growth factors tied to the production of elastic fibers to support the tissues.

Oligopeptide 4

Stimulates type 1 collagen and elastin synthesis. Activates biological promotors and increases skin tone.

Peptide 10

Decapeptide that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elasting on dermal level. Restores optimal levels of skin firmness and elasticity.


Solvent formed by an alcohol and an ether that favors the penetration of actives by solubilizing the lipid matrix of the corneum.

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