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Multifunctional cleansers

This is part of your every day routine, when you wash your face, body and hair. Why not make it a holistic experience?

This is our idea of cleansing: products that purify your skin as well as doing something else, such as remineralizing it, moisturizing it, restructuring it, or exfoliating it. Just like a complete cosmetic treatment.


Nourishing exfoliating gel


45,10 €

Nourishing exfoliating gel / 200 ml

This hydrogel is special for two reasons. The first is that it performs a very gentle exfoliation with the acid component...


Cleansing clay


36,08 €

Cleansing clay / 200 ml

It will seem strange to use it for washing, because it looks like clay. But, once applied, the red and gray clays spring...


Cleansing clay mousse


35,20 €

Cleansing clay mousse / 200 ml

If you have already used clay treatments, you know how powerful its purifying and smoothing action is. But you also know...

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