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Anti-age exposome creams

The first skincare range that protects against exposomic skin aging.

Your skin has a story to tell. Yours.Your lifestyle, your days and your emotions come to life on your face in different forms. Some of these describe your environment, some describe your diet, and some describe your stress level. The sum of these factors makes up your Exposome, and their result isa unique story that describes you,but that, over time, cancause imperfections and blemishes that you wish you didn’t have.Now, however,there’s anew revolutionary anti-wrinkle skincare line that is respectful of your story and, at the same time, is able to protect your face from the Exposome and the skin aging process thanks to a complex of 24 invaluable highly functionalized active ingredients.

Your skin's BFF

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AgeFactor Balm

Revitalizing Exposome face balm

Your Exposome requires nourishment. The kind of emollient nourishment that can provide relief to the driest skin. But that’s...

AgeFactor Cream

Revitalizing Exposome face cream

Its life’s goal is protecting you from the Exposome. It’s always there. Faithful, constant and full of energy to help...

EyeFactor Balm

Taaselustav Exposoomiga silmapalsam


15 ml

Palsam tähendab toitmist. Toitumine Exposome'ga. EyeFactor Balm on tugevale isiksusele. See on silmakontuur, mis soovib...

EyeFactor Cream

Taaselustav Exposoomiga silmakreeem


15 ml

See on silmakontuur, millele meeldib olemas olla, kuid mitte liiga silmatorkav. Iga päev kaitseb see Sind eksponoomsete...